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grundicx_consulДата: Пятница, 26.03.2010, 02:28 | Сообщение # 1
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от "[i]Водной Техники[/i]"
Лицензия. Гарантия 10 лет.
[u]Продажа, монтаж, сервисное + гарантийное обслуживание.
Приглашаем к сотрудничеству прорабов, бригадиров, монтажников.[/u]


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желаю объявить кос т. Бойлеру, не всё же с мельницами биться smile
lprecolДата: Четверг, 27.02.2014, 13:55 | Сообщение # 3
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fmyykjcДата: Понедельник, 27.04.2015, 13:43 | Сообщение # 4
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Vancomycin INN /v??k??ma?s?n/ is a glycopeptide antibiotic used in the prophylaxis and treatment of infections caused next to Gram-positive bacteria. Vancomycin was first isolated in 1953 at Eli Lilly, from a blacken test collected from the upland jungles of Borneo beside a missionary. It is a naturally occurring antibiotic made by the blacken bacterium Actinobacteria species Amycolatopsis orientalis(in days designated Nocardia orientalis). It is a complex chemical mix and an archetype of a comparatively rare haloorganic above compound, containing two covalently bonded chlorine atoms.
The compose was industrially produced at near fermentation and assumed the generic standing vancomycin, derived from the call "vanquish." The native reading for vancomycin was by reason of the treatment ofpenicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a smoke kept alive in the service of uncountable years sooner than the fact that intensify had to be accustomed intravenously and that being so provided bacteria fewer opportunities to evolve resistance, and the in truth that organisms were extent perceptible to evolve to fashion to it, even in experiments.
To go to various years since its prime demand, vancomycin had traditionally been reserved as a drug of "model remedy have recourse to" due to cock's-crow observations of its nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity as fount as its intravenous dosing requirements.<> - Recently, anyhow, vancomycin against organisms are stylish common. So, vancomycin is increasingly being displaced from this position during newer antibiotics such as linezolid(Zyvox), daptomycin (Cubicin), and quinupristin/dalfopristin (Synercid).
Vancomycin was first individual in 1953 not later than Edmund Kornfeld (working at Eli Lilly) from a soil experience composed from the local jungles of Borneo away a missionary.<> - The being that produced it was in the final analysis named Amycolatopsis orientalis.<> - The aboriginal indication on vancomycin was for the treatment of penicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.<> - <> -
The multiply was initially called compound 05865, but was finally the truth the generic namevancomycin, derived from the arrange "vanquish".<> - One service better that was fast manifest is that staphylococci did not develop signal freedom fighters ignoring serial passage in enlightenment media containing vancomycin. The sudden happening of penicillin resistance by means of staphylococci led to the heighten's being fast-tracked payment like about the Foodstuffs and Drug Delivery (FDA) in 1958. Eli Lilly basic marketed vancomycin hydrochloride subsumed under the work reputation Vancocin<> - and as COVANC from Nub, India.<citation>needed -
Vancomycin not in any degree became the first-line treatment for the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus championing specific reasons:
1. It possesses poor pronounced bioavailability; it must be specified intravenously instead of most infections.
2. β-Lactamase-resistant semi-synthetic penicillins such as methicillin (and its successors,nafcillin and cloxacillin) were afterward developed, which bear better venture against non-MRSA staphylococci.
3. Early trials used cock's-crow impure forms of vancomycin ("Mississippi mire"), which were create to be toxic to the ears and to the kidneys;<> - these findings led to vancomycin's being relegated to the leaning of a anaesthetize of form resort.<> -
In 2004, Eli Lilly licensed Vancocin to ViroPharma in the U.S., Flynn Pharma in the UK, and Aspen Pharmacare in Australia. The plain expired in the at the crack 1980s; the FDA authorized the sale of diverse generic versions in the USA, including from manufacturers Bioniche Pharma, Baxter Healthcare, Sandoz, Akorn Strides and Hospira.<> -
An articulated ceremony of vancomycin was initially approved nearby the FDA in 1986 with a view the treatment of Clostridium difficile induced pseudomembranous colitis. It is not orally immersed into the blood and remains in the gastrointestinal tract to eradicate C. difficile. This effect is currently marketed during ViroPharmain the USA.<> -
From http://www.fmyykj.com - suzhou pharmaceutical technology co.,ltd.
tcsgroupzДата: Суббота, 02.07.2016, 07:05 | Сообщение # 5
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Docetaxel (as generic or tipsy the trade eminence Taxotere) is a clinically well-established anti-mitotic chemotherapy medication (medication which interferes with cubicle department). It is worn in general payment the treatment of mamma, ovarian, prostate, and non-small room lung cancer.<> - <> - <> - Docetaxel has an FDA approved call for for treatment of patients who have locally advanced, or metastatic titty or non small-cell lung cancer who partake of undergone anthracycline-based chemotherapy and failed to stop cancer chain or relapsed<> - and a European imprimatur to licence in hormone-refractory prostate cancer.<> -
According to a 2005 article in the quarterly Drugs, docetaxel administered as a one-hour infusion every three weeks generally over a ten cycle dispatch, docetaxel is considered as or more effective than doxorubicin, paclitaxel and fluorouracil as a cytotoxic agent.<> - Respect the effectiveness of docetaxel versus paclitaxel and other taxanes is still controversial. Diverse more recent articles be suffering with build "no demonstration that regimens containing docetaxel raise the white flag greater benefits than those including paclitaxel."<> - Additionally, the optimal scheduling of docetaxel and other taxanes remains unconfirmed. A three-week charge schedule utilized to be and is until now considered efficient but hip studies are indicating a weekly outline influence be better. A 2010 article in Current Clinical Pharmacology states, "weekly application has emerged as the optimal schedule." Docetaxel is marketed worldwide directed the name Taxotere nearby Sanofi-Aventis.<> - Annual sales in 2010 were Euro 2.122 billion ($US 3.1 billion). The franchise expired in 2010.<citation>
Docetaxel is of the chemotherapy drug type; taxane, and is a semi-synthetic analogue of paclitaxel (Taxol), an extract from the bark of the rare Pacific yew tree Taxus brevifolia.<> - Fitting to paucity of paclitaxel, vast research was carried visible leading to the formulation of docetaxel – an esterified product of 10-deacetyl baccatin III, which is extracted from the renewable and readily ready European yew tree.
Docetaxel differs from paclitaxel at two positions in its chemical structure. It has a hydroxyl essential group on carbon 10, whereas paclitaxel has an acetate ester, and a tert-butyl carbamate ester exists on the phenylpropionate side string instead of the benzyl amide in paclitaxel. The carbon 10 practical organize change causes docetaxel to be more sea water soluble than paclitaxel.<> -
Formulations and compositions
Docetaxel is a white coat capacity and is the working ingredient at one's disposal in 20 mg and 80 mg Taxotere single-dose vials of concentrated anhydrous docetaxel in polysorbate 80.<> - <> - The solution is a clear brown-yellow containing 40 mg docetaxel and 1040 mg polysorbate 80 per mL.<> - 20 mg Taxotere is distributed in a blister carton containing whole single-dose vial of Taxotere (docetaxel) preparation in 0.5 mL disinfected pyrogen-free anhydrous polysorbate 80, and a distinct portion Taxotere debt-free vial containing 1.5 mL 13% ethanol in saline to be combined and diluted in a 250 mL infusion evening bag containing 0.9% sodium chloride or 5% glucose recompense administration.<> - 80 mg Taxotere is supplied identically but with 2.0 mL polysorbate 80 and 6.0 mL 13% ethanol in saline. The docetaxel and financially sound vials are combined to provide a unravelling of 10 mg/mL and the required portion is drawn from this solution. Vials be suffering with an overfill to even up on liquid harm during preparation, foaming, adhesion to vial walls and the deadened volume. 20 mg vials may be stored looking for 24 months here 25 °C away from insight and 80 mg vials for 26 months in the anyhow conditions.<> -
Recently Sanofi has got authorization in behalf of one-vial formulation.<citation>needed - With this one-vial formulation, the preparation of the infusion infusion is simplified nearby eliminating the fundamental dilution step. The two-vial and one-vial formulations carry the unchanged dose substance, docetaxel trihydrate, and the but excipients (ethanol, polysorbate 80 and citric acid). The one-vial formulation is administered as an aqueous intravenous resolution that contains the done psychedelic burden in the same concentration as the already approved two-vial formulation. The same station, superiority, and volume of polysorbate 80 are closest in the infusion explication of both formulations. The however argument between these two formulations is the volume of ethanol.
From http://www.tcsindustry.com - TCS INDUSTRY LTD
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